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Cloudmaster Weed

Coming from Meaux, which he likes to refer to as MeauxTown, CloudmasterWeed grew up in the Hip-Hop culture from 80's. Dancer & Rapper during 90's, he discovered a Moodymann track and become an addict of House Music from Detroit. His Musical universe is mix of Soul, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Afrobeat & Disco,but this first passion stays Detroit's Sound.

In 2005, CMW met Derrick Thompson (Drivetrain) of "Soiree Record International". From this match, he went to Detroit in 2008 to make his first mix to the Motor City. In 2009, his first track "Oh Yeah" appears on the "Mo2Meaux" on the label "Soiree Record International", Detroit-Michigan. In 2010, the first "CloudMasterWeed" record is released on "Soirée Records International, "Com'On'N'Join'Us".......he joined the BangTech12 in 2010 and the WARMTH family in November 2011.

For his dj sets, he played to luxembourg ( The Point), Berlin (Hanf Parade), Koln ( 20 years of PsychoThrill) but his favorite place stay DETROIT where he plays once a year during the DEMF.

Respect to Meauxtown Crew, Soiree Records International, BangTech12, Derrick Thompson, Thomas Barnett, DJ Alastair, Todd Perinne, Claus Bachor, Blackjack, Jazz Liberatorz, Dj Seoul, Underground Resistance, Detroit Techno Militia, Mixworks, Buzz Goree, Kenny Dixon JR, Malik Alston, Jerry The Cat, Norm Talley, Theo Parrish ...

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