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Maxx-T started a dj career in 1984 when nobody spoke about Techno or House music.
On a local radio show, Maxx-T presented the first kind of electronic music, which came from Detroit and Chicago.

Maxx-T is one of the French precursors of electronic music, and like Laurent Garnier is still going strong and surviving in an ever changing world.
The word Underground is the best way to define him and it is through this definition that he reaches the masses.
Indeed, Maxx-T never wanted to call himself a headliner, but these days he is getting top billing and the organizers of the events are taking notice of Maxx's talent and crowd drawing ability.
 He has succeeded in preserving the motivation, the excitation and the happiness he has felt since the beginning of his musical career.

Maxx-T has been invited to play with some other international artists in huge techno events, like the "Nuits sonores" at Lyon in France and many others.
He has also played in famous clubs of the South of France, which is his own region, often as a resident dj.
Now Maxx is going to have the opportunity to play in the town of his dreams, the town of his musical roots: Detroit, Michigan, USA.

He dedicates his life to music.
Not only the music he plays, but also the music he produces behind his hardware in the studio.
He release his first album in 1992 and hasn't stopped producing music since.
None of the records that Maxx-T puts on the decks is put by chance.
All his sets are well thought out and are used for creating a real consistent story.
He wishes to present a real "movie" to his public.
Maxx-T doesn't make any musical concession and he plays the sounds he likes.
In July 2005 Maxx-T  created the « Code 316 recordings » Record Label.

His first EP has been heralded by a large majority of influential dj's and has been named as the release of the month by Trax Magazine.
The second opus of Code 316, also presented by Trax magazine, is just hitting the shelves now and is expected to be received even better than the first. Maxx-T production partners on this EP were Rennie Foster and Kan Shinomura of Futago Trax.

Maxx is reaching out even further with the recent announcement that he will be featured on the Uk label Snapshot recordings and he is also going to license his music for Nightvision which is one of the labels owned by Orlando Voorn.
Still in the works are collaborations to produce some tracks for Dirty Works (the label of Rennie Foster), Melodika (the label of Fabrice Lig) and more...
This is a new beginning for Maxx-T. He had the chance to play with James Pennington aka Suburban Knight and DJ 3000 of Underground Resistance label, Joris Voorn, Vince Watson, Fabrice Lig, Deetron or Olivier Kaiser, and recently with T-Linder, Dj Seoul & The Mercenary from Detroit Techno Militia, and the March 28th 2008 is play in the mytic Rex Club in Paris with Rolando, and now his international career takes a new impulse.

Maxx-T is successful and his success will continue in the future. Therefore, he's staying the same man, a man who likes to share his passion and who takes a lot of pleasure to play real quality music.  A sound you have to discover!

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